Internautica October 21

October 21, 2018 Roger 0

Internautica   Here are the reads for the upcoming week: For those who’ve forgotten: We’ve been at war in Afghanistan for 17 years. Our adolescent […]

Internautica October 14

October 14, 2018 Roger 0

Here are the reads for the upcoming week: Rachel Z Arndt pins down linguistic and attitudinal similarities between Go Dog Go and Malone Dies. The […]

Patience and the Restless Sleeper

October 11, 2018 Roger Gathmann 0

There’s a thing about living in France that always amazes some outward suburban zone of my American brain: I go into the store, I get checked out by the cashier, I pull out my credit card, I put it in the little credit card machine, and a word appears on the screen: Patientez.
Be patient. In the United States, when dealing with machines, the signs and recordings are rarely rooted in such a quasi-moral, such a Ciceronian admonition. Rather, they tell you that they are busy processing your informa


October 8, 2018 Roger 0

Willett’s will compile, every Monday, a list of likely links for our readers.  We’ll add to it all through the week. Here are the reads […]