The murderers are coming! Macron, the paper kitty

Last night we went out and watched them board up the luxury shops. It was at once comic and infuriating. Since Macron has shifted from being the president of the rich to being the president of the rich and the cops, the government has gone into overdrive, spreading the word that Paris was about to be invaded by murderers. For, as we all know, if you wear a gilet jaune, you must be opposed to Macron, who supports the cops, and thus, by an iron logic, you must be a murderer. This spread the appropriate terror – I mean, what is the Gucci manager going to say? The government says they are going to pillage us, so lets put boards in the window and a big black garbage sack around our sign.

Supposedly, the opera at the Bastille stored their instruments in the deep basement, in case the murderers took the place and looked to destroy them. Murderers just hate those French horns!

The question has been how would the Macron government get out of this. We now know the answer: by resorting to the tactics adopted by reactionary governments after the commune. It was easier to control the flow of information back then, though. On the other hand, the classe laborieuse – Macron’s borrowing of an old phrase of reactionary contempt for the working class – was more powerful. Politically powerful. In spite of the preaching of leaders left right and center that class no longer counts and the main thing is to keep the casinos of capitalism going at full force, the workers still produce the goods, transport the goods, and sell the goods. Macron has adopted the tactic once described by Mao as being a “paper tiger”. More like paper “kitty cat”.

Roger Gathmann
Roger Gathmann

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